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Great company that gets you the best offer for your home! After having trouble selling our small 2 bed 1 bath starter home in downtown Santa Ana we were feeling very discouraged with the MLS. A buddy of mine told me about this company that buys homes as-is without any fees so I contacted them and they got me an offer within 24 hours of reaching out. Their offer price was right around what we were wanting to get to we accepted the offer and closed a week and a half later. We are now enjoying our family home in Mission Viejo and it’s all thanks to Sell My House Fast For Cash CA. Y’all are the best!! Thank you again!

Bianca & Jesus Mendoza


I purchased a fixer-upper home a couple of years ago and unfortunately the property has just been sitting there since. I didn’t have the time to deal with the city to get permits and dedicate my time to restoring the home so I ended up finding a company that would buy the property as-is. My wife was skeptical that their offer had to be too good to be true because it was above what her realtor friend had told us we could get for the home. I figured we would give them a shot, and I’m glad that we did because the entire process was way beyond simple, and efficient and we got the funds wired super fast! I ended up making a profit on the home after sitting on it for a few years and doing absolutely nothing to it- I couldn’t be happier with my experience with Sell My House Fast for Cash CA. Thanks everyone!

Stephen Tilrumdor


My wife and I fell on hard times and decided our best option was to sell our home and move into something smaller. Time was a huge factor and we were on the verge of filing for bankruptcy. Our home wasn’t in the best shape and definitely needed repairs. After speaking with a realtor who let us know it may take a few months for our home to sell, she told us about companies that buy homes as-is for fast closing. We had never heard of this before and after a quick search on Google we found out about “Sell My House Fast For Cash CA”. We figured, what was the harm in getting a free offer so we input our information. Wow, would you believe me if we told you we had a solid offer within 11 hours of reaching out and closed escrow only 12 days after initially finding their website? Well- that’s exactly what happened. They truly changed out lives. It’s been a few years now, we’re back on our feet again and wouldn’t be here without them. We highly recommend this company.


Arnold & Gemma Gouiler